Website Development

By applying best-in-class technology

& having a highly technology skilled team of developers, we develop custom websites and fully interactive apps perfectly conforming to the client specifications.

What We Do

Website Security

Making our client’s website secure is a primary concern to us. We follow all the possible security layers, integrations into the website for an effective and secure experience.

Smart Application Architecture

We follow a systematic approach from the initial to final stage of the project based on its complexity, technical needs and other parameters.

Long Term Cost Saving

We write code in a way that enables developers to enhance the features or introduce new features without major change in the current code.

Great Support

We believe in providing promising support which includes deployment, stabilization & ongoing support & maintenance of the delivered application.

We Offer Comprehensive And End-To-End Solutions

For Your Web Development Projects. Our 100% Accurately Programmed Web Applications Fit Perfectly To Your Business Requirements.

Front-end Development

Our team of expert developers delivers effective front-end development solutions.Smart graphic designs manifest into optimum W3C validated mark-up which prove to be the best solutions.

Custom Web Development

Our customized web development solutions provide high accuracy and technological competence. We provide fully functional, highly interactive and dynamic web applications.

Open Source Platform Development

Our creative expertise in content management services delivers out of the box custom solutions. Our open source development services include Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla among many others.

E-commerce Development

Our e-commerce solutions maximize customer shopping experience and drive sales. We believe in delivering insight driven, feature-flexible platforms which monetize your products.

Mobile Development

The expansion of mobile markets prompts us to deliver multiple solutions including mobile first web design and native mobile applications. We specialize in major operating systems.

Web Application Frameworks

We use the best PHP framework based on client needs which will also boost web presence and provide a scope for future growth. We stand by object-oriented practices, comprehensive code base and guidelines.

Your Growth Catalyst

Accelerate business goals with our PHP development services from India.Our agile development model is proven with more than 2000 projects, spanning micro-sites for start-ups, fully-featured online presence for SMB's or multi-faceted enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Total Versatility

We offer our services to a range of businesses. This makes us a leading PHP development company in India.

Business-Driven Development Services

We focus on amazing value enabled by our diversified services in high impact PHP development.

We Offer Comprehensive And End-To-End Solutions

For Your Web Development Projects. Our 100% Accurately Programmed Web Applications Fit Perfectly To Your Business Requirements.

PHP CMS development

Manage website content in a productive way with PHP based web development that integrate well with APIs and third-party plug-ins.

Custom Web Development

We are adept at developing impactful PHP solutions that are made to solve your distinct and specific business needs.

Responsive web development

Deliver a seamless experience across different form factors with our proven track record on PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Enterprise web development

Give your brand the security, robust operations, and scalability it deserves with our experience on corporate web development

PHP/MySQL development

Complex web development now becomes simpler with our PHP/MySQL expertise for custom web and application development.


We help you migrate from technologies like ColdFusion, ASP.NET, and Java to future-ready PHP. We even do PHP version upgrades.

Laravel Web Application For Your Business

Laravel, a PHP based framework which offers a simple and robust structure has proved itself superior, over other platforms. And now it has become the most popular web app framework because of fast development speed, extension ability and quick institution. Also, this clean and classic PHP framework helps developers create web apps with optimum ease like never before.

Secured Web Apps

Laravel framework shields the web application from all the serious security dangers such as SQL injection, cross-site request, as well as cross-site scripting and also protects your web apps.

Multilingual Apps

Laravel framework helps create your web application for different languages easily and quickly. So, it is the right option for businesses looking to expand their reach across different countries.


The Web Applications Empowered By Innovation

Laravel Extension Development

Our developers are very good at developing Laravel extensions to enhance your web application and to meet the specified business needs. They upgrade your existing website with new and unique features to make it compatible with the new platform.

Laravel Module Development

Our proficient professionals develop the state-of-the-art Laravel based module. Also, the effective development solutions by Laravel development Company in India render a comprehensive interacting platform for your business and customers.

CRM Development

We got enough experience in building any complex CRM application. Therefore, our developers always look for a building-wide range of features in CRMs that help the individuals or the organizations to manage the interactions with their customers efficiently.

Theme Design & Integration

Adorn your web applications with our magnificent Laravel themes. We build the most visually appealing web applications by using some awesome & astounding Laravel themes that are designed to meet your business perspective as well.

3rd Party App Integration

At TIS, developers integrate the Laravel app development with 3rd Party APIs. They make great API solutions which can communicate with third-party clients and allow you to extend your reach to the wider audience.

E-Commerce Application Development

Laravel is the core area of development for our E-Commerce App development. And with our skills & experience in PHP & Laravel, we assure you to bring life into your e-commerce website whilst increasing conversions and analyzing new opportunity of online business.

Custom Laravel Web Development

No matter, whether you require a custom Laravel web solution, or a customized software product on a Laravel platform. Our full-stack web app developers create a unique design and user experience by integrating the latest contemporary web development services.

Laravel Migration Services

We made it easy to migrate among Laravel platforms with the help of Laravel Migration services provided by our skilled developers. So, now you can any time relish migrate your web app from one web app platform to others.

24*7 Support & Maintenance

Moreover, we don’t just provide Laravel development services by leaving the responsibility to you to handle the app ever after. But we offer 24×7 flexible customer support and maintenance services that help you to stay updated after the development services are delivered to you.

Enhance Your Business With Dynamic Codeigniter Application

A powerful PHP framework called Codeigniter is built for the developers who want a simple yet elegant framework for creating the feature-rich web applications. Today, most of the programmers prefer to use CodeIgniter because of its ease of use in developing complex web applications.

Total Versatility

We offer our services to a range of businesses. This makes us a leading PHP development company in India.

Business-Driven Development Services

We focus on amazing value enabled by our diversified services in high impact PHP development.

Delivering High-Performance Solutions To Diverse Industries

Web Application Development

Our developers are fast in delivering all your needs with experienced hands-on CodeIgniter. They develop reliable web applications. And our database experts help them to minimize the database load and improve the performance of database servers with different database optimization techniques.

Create Custom e-Commerce Websites

Proficient developers at the CodeIgniter development company create custom E-Commerce websites whilst keeping your business goals in mind. So, it’s time to make your e-commerce business hassle-free with Codeigniter Framework along with AJAX-based Shopping Cart App for handling all the sensitive data.

Third Party Integration

We also provide integration services for your web applications which already exist. We provide services to integrate your app with various APIs, email services, analytics, social media services, different third-party services like payment gateways, etc. These all are integrated according to your requirements.

Web 2.0 based CMS Development

If you’re looking for a Web 2.0 based CMS development, then our developers can help you in this matter too. The experts in TIS, a CodeIgniter development Company based in India develop an efficient CMS as well as customize it as per your requirements along with it provides you with strong functionality streams.

Web Portal Development

We provide you with a custom web portal through which your online services can be expanded globally. That means we design, develop and deploy the web solutions that are needed for your online growth. And in addition to this, we put our clients always on top in the SERPs with our optimization techniques.

Maintenance and 24/7 Support

Our maintenance experts isolate and minimize your server and resource issues and are also good in integrating the new features to your existing applications. So, avail them 24/7, for all your maintenance and integration needs and ensure that your resources are used smartly to make your app faster.

Steering Your Business To The New Heights With Best Node.Js Development Services

Node.js has come up as a boon for the developers enabling the development of Apps with fast backend. This open-source, cross-platform backend technology for building highly-scalable, data-intensive, real-time web applications increases the efficiency of the engineering teams.

Better Performing Apps

Node.js engine compiles the JavaScript code directly into the machine code, making it easier and faster to implement the code, effectively and ultimately providing better performing apps.

Easily Scalable

Developers find it easy to scale the applications because Node.js offers them the option of adding extra resources to the single nodes. So, Node.js is highly scalable and provides better options comparatively.

Developing Apps Using Node.JS To Power Your Backend

Node.JS Development

We are the leading node.js web development company that helps you to build great products with a faster time to market. Moreover, we deliver dynamic web & mobile applications that are efficient in handling complex business processes consistently.

E-Commerce Development

We create the best E-Commerce platforms and shopping cart development with Node.js. So, now take advantage of your node.js e-commerce portal to get your store online and to open its doors to the world of opportunities for your business.

Aesthetic UI/UX with Node.js

We being the best node.js development company India comprises of the team of top-class designers who provide aesthetic UI/UX services whilst developing the super-fast Node.js Apps. So, our apps are both highly intuitive & visually appealing.

Node.JS API Development

We provide integration services for your web apps as we have excelled in developing some impeccable and restful APIs with Node.JS that will help you to communicate effectively and transfer information to 3rd parties.

CMS Development

We provide your business with an opportunity to manage your web content better with CMS development using Node.JS because our developers know how to leverage the extensibility of NodeJS admin panel.

Node.JS Consulting

We moreover provide the Node.js consulting services that analyze the architecture and offer you a blueprint for the project. Our consulting services further comprises of an architecture analysis as well as code reviews and assessing of development processes.

Portal & Plug-in Development

We create a user-friendly and customizable web portal that can boost collaboration and help to increase efficiency. Moreover, you can enable adding a feature or enhancing the functionality of your application with our Node.JS plug-in development service.

Node.JS Migration

Our Node.js migration services address customer’s requirements so that they can leverage Node.js and related ecosystem effectively. Moreover, we help them in migrating their applications built on Java, PHP, or any other framework to Node.js.

Support & Maintenance

The support of your node.js development company doesn’t end only after the development of your web app, but also our Node.JS development team adopts a genuine approach to provide you with the best in class application support and maintenance in future.

Leverage The Power Of AngularJS Web Application Framework

AngularJS helps to address many of the serious challenges happening in developing single-page web applications. That means it simplifies the development as well as the testing of web applications. So, this framework well supports the dynamic views in web applications.

Real-Time Applications

AngularJS has made it easy for the angular developer to build real-time applications called Single Page Applications with its two-way data binding. Single-Page Applications load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page at the moment the user interacts with the app./p>

Highly Scalable Applications

AngularJS made it possible to build one of the largest and most complex applications that scale up beautifully. So, the web apps built with AngularJS can scale up efficiently from a development standpoint as well as from a utilization standpoint.

Developing Browser-Based Rich Internet Application With Angular

Web App Development

We have in-depth knowledge along with extensive experience in building secure, scalable, and feature-packed web applications that provide the website’s users with a seamless performance across devices.

UX/UI Development

We offer the splendid UI/UX experience to your users about your web application, which provides a good impression of your business. Moreover, the ease of navigation, scalability, and responsiveness of your app for multiple-platforms makes it even more appealing.

E-Commerce Web Portal Development

At Leproxinfotech, the angular developers develop feature-rich and interactive shopping cart using angular js, which is a lot simpler with the help of this amazing framework. So, let us help you develop a simple yet most ravishing portal system with floating panels.

API Development/Integration

We bridge the gaps between your App and different software with our API development services. Moreover, along with the API development services, we also provide API integration services for ensuring the smooth functioning of your web app.

Custom Plugin Development

Want to integrate some additional and unique plugins into your web app? We at TIS, provide highly-interactive and data-driven enterprise-oriented custom plugin development services that are here to fulfill your unique business needs.

AngularJS Migration

Being a renowned angular js web development company, we understand how important it is to adapt yourself with the technological advancements. So, we’ll quickly and efficiently migrate your existing app to the latest version i.e. AngularJS from another platform.

Real-Time Chat App Development

The most important feature of today's new-age apps is real-time chat. And with us, you will no longer ignore this during your application development process. Our team provides you with simple yet fully functional real-time chat apps development.

AJAX Development

We are a well-known angular js development company in India. Therefore our developers have been committed to bringing out the expertise in various Ajax web development and technologies like JavaScript and AngularJS.

Up-gradation & Maintenance Services

Staying updated is the key to success if you want to be ahead in the race in this fast-changing digital landscape. So, we help you to stay updated and keep upgrade your platforms for a better experience with our maintenance services.

Creating Dynamic Web Applications With ReactJS Framework

ReactJS, a JavaScript framework, helps the developer with a quick, powerful, and flexible application and UI development with its high rendering performance. Moreover, the framework is equipped to deal with traffic spikes as well.

No Dependencies of the App

ReactJS follows a technology-driven approach while making no assumptions about the rest of your tech-stack. And it is also convenient to test small feature of your current project at the time you’re creating it.

Awesome UI/UX Components

ReactJS framework has some awesome user-interface and user-experience components that specifically useful for the developers who concentrate more on creating aesthetic and more functional UI/UX web apps.

Attain A Great Online Presence With Extraordinary Apps

Web App Development

We at Leproxinfotech, have experience as well as expertise in building robust and scalable web apps with ReactJS framework. And in addition to that, the web apps that we create for you are SEO-friendly, responsive, and provide high-performance.

Customized App Development

Every business is unique in some way or the other, so as their app requirements. So, if you need a customized ReactJS app that is as per the specific needs of your business. Then, connect with us as we deliver the best custom ReactJS web application development services.

Aesthetic UI/UX Development

We have a team of ReactJS designers along with proficient developers who provide your web application with the most aesthetic and interactive UI interface. We moreover, focus on providing an unmatched user experience to the users of your web app.

Portal Development

Hire ReactJS Development Company to avail of the extraordinary services in web portal development as we create portals that are optimized for continual productivity and overall business growth.

ReactJS Migration

With the proficient web app developer at Leproxinfotech, the process of migrating your existing apps to ReactJS is hassle-free because our experts handle the migration process smoothly and that too without impacting your business.

Plugins Development

Want customized plugins or extensions for your web or mobile apps? Hire react js developers for availing the benefits of customized extensions and open up an additional revenue opportunity for your business.

Mobile App Development

We create feature-rich and business-oriented mobile apps by leveraging the most popular UI framework "ReactJS". Moreover, the react native web apps run on both platforms such as Android as well as iOS.

ReactJS Template Creation

With the recognition of the web and mobile app, we create a high-quality, responsive email template that enables to get you up and run as fast as feasible on this tech-driven world.

Maintenance and Support

We assure you to provide a robust and timely ReactJS development support even after we have delivered the ReactJS web app. Our experts will address your queries anytime whilst ensuring that your ReactJS solutions will continue to deliver for you.

Providing High Level Of Security And Scalability To Your Business App

ASP.NET is a robust platform that allows the developers to create simplest to most complex web applications whilst offering the flexibility and scalability to develop solutions across devices. We develop highly functional, feature-rich and user-friendly applications for desktops, smartphones, as well as web platforms.

Reliable Platform

Since its release, ASP.NET has been used to develop thousands of applications which make it the most popular platform among developer. Moreover, its performance on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server is very stable and reliable.

Integration with legacy systems

The ASP.NET platform can process all types of XML documents as well as to write any format of the file with swiftness and ease. That ultimately means that it provides multiple routes for integration.

Scalable, Powerful, & Leading-Edge Collaborative ASP.NET Solutions

ASP.NET Development Services

Our developers are equipped with deep experience of creating large-scale ASP.NET web applications as well as some high-performance web sites with the latest ASP.NET flavors such as ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4 and ASP.NET Core.

.NET-Based Products Customization

At TIS, we possess an experienced and dedicated team for .NET-based products customization along with the extension and integration services. So, you can reach to your own ASP.NET Development Agency for reliable product customization needs.

.NET Desktop Application Development

We create state-of-the-art desktop apps with our years of experience in developing Windows GUI applications, Windows Smart Client apps using Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Console applications, as well as Windows Store Apps for Windows 8.

.NET Mobile App Development

At TIS, the programmers or developers possess several years of experience and expertise in developing mobile apps. Our developers have created numerous Mobile apps whilst providing a great user experience as well as the solution to many of your business problem.

.NET Application Migration

.NET migration has become one of the needs of businesses that we have catered to across a wide variety of scenarios. So, with our experts, you can smoothly migrate your existing web application into ASP.Net.

CMS Development

Our developers develop the best CMS. So, now you can simplify your content management and deliver your services with the most effective content management software using the latest ASP.Net technology.

.NET Integration

If you’re migrating from another platform and want some old features to keep in the new app as well, or you may also want some unique tool to integrate into your web application, then why should you worry as we are here to help you in integrating existing tools with your ASP.Net application.

MVC Development

With our ASP.Net MVC development service, our developers can help you build interactive and vibrant websites as well as some robust and scalable web applications for your business using the MVC design pattern.

Unveil The Hidden Potential Of JAVA With The Best Java Developers

Java is everywhere, and the presence of java has become so strong that it reaches about 97% of desktop computers in the world. And not just desktops, but Java today is also present on billions of mobiles devices, TVs and more such gadgets. So, Java web application development is an absolute solution for all your business needs.

Open-Source Platform

Java is an open-source platform that means you need not to pay some expensive amount to buy a license to use this platform, but being open-source java developers can use it for free.


Moreover, Java code runs on any machine, that means it doesn’t require any special software to be installed on the system. However, the JVM needs to be present on the machine.

Associate And Grow With Best Java Programmers In India

Java Product Development Services

With us, you will be using the extensive Java application development services comprising of the custom product development whilst using the latest technology trends such as Grails framework, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, Hadoop, Struts, Liferay, and Bigdata.

Enterprise App Development

Get associated with java application development Company and cherish the advantages of our Java development services where you will be getting reliable, secure, and scalable enterprise-grade applications and that too tailored to address all your business requirements.

Java Web Development

We at TIS, provide you with the end-to-end Java web application development services by offering the agile, secure, and scalable websites for all the business segments including banking, healthcare, retail, and more.

Desktop Application Development

As a java development company, we possess experience of developing multi-platform desktop applications in Java by levering some different tools and framework to maintain and promote the client’s brand identity.

Mobile Application Development

In addition to desktop apps, the developers at TIS also efficient enough to provide you with Java mobile application development including smartphone applications, widgets as well as games for mobile devices that runs on Java SDK.

Java Migration

Want to migrate from traditional web platforms to the latest platform called “Java” for enhancing the speed, security, and cross-platform capabilities of your business application? Don’t worry, we’ll migrate your web application seamlessly to the Java platform.

App Integration

Hire our java developers to help your businesses in integrating the Java applications with the databases, operating systems and third-party applications that you require to integrate as they have several years of expertise in doing so.