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Display The Best Your Website Has To Offer Through A Mobile-First Design

Consumers are increasingly running Google searches and visiting websites on their phones. In fact, the number of mobile users has increased so greatly that in early 2018, Google stated that mobile search indexing was essential. To help your website keep up with this growing demand, our team of web design and UX experts deliver the ideal mobile website with a visually appealing design, smooth navigation, and other top-of-the-line features.

Content First

Using a mobile-first design approach, we make sure the most relevant content is the most prominent, stripping the extraneous elements away.


Our websites are designed for high-speed loading and carry great functionality. This is made more effective in a mobile-first approach.

Increased Visibility

With mobile-first website design, your site has a better chance of ranking high on search engine results, boosting visibility.

Boost Conversions

Increased reach attracts more customers, and we ensure they get a good user experience, giving your team the chance to boost sales.


Attract The Best Customers With Stunning Web Design

PSD to HTML is a popular method among some web designers. When designers come up with well-crafted website layout created on AdobePhotoshop, our experts turn it into equally perfect HTML/XHTML code and if needed, an alluring website. We perform detailed research, competent coding, and adhere to strict HTML/XHTML markup standards. Our team will help clients take a step towards creating the best website.

Smooth conversion

Our team of experienced HTML designers ensure that your designs are converted into responsive HTML code without a hitch and in a timely manner.

Increased Website speed

Compressed code and images can increase website speed greatly, providing users with a better experience.

Pixel Perfect

A good PSD design warrants markup of the same level, and we have got the expertise to do just that by creating stunning HTML websites.

SEO Semantic Coding

Get better search engine rankings with coding practices that help enable the best SEO practices.


Integrate Teams And Systems For Greater Synergy

Business Integration helps companies utilize their available resources - talent and technology - for maximum output. In a fast-paced and competitive business environment of today, flat organizations depend on quick decision making to develop new products and services and bring them to customers to gain the crucial first mover’s advantage. Dynamic organizations are adopting enterprise-wide business integration concepts to deliver greater value to customers.

Optimize business processes

Business integration enables teams to evaluate existing workflows and identify potential inefficiencies in terms of time and costing.


Business integration assesses the effectiveness of existing processes in terms of cost, leading to more sustainable alternatives.

Improve productivity

With Business Integration, businesses can improve accountability and increase productivity enabling cost savings and build sustainable operations.

Automated workflows

With the help of advanced data analysis tools, managers can use Business Integration concepts to automate production workflows, which reduces the need for manpower.


Grab Attention And Drive Sales With Our Offline Designs

From billboards to digital signage, and Visiting Card to Brochure/Catalogue outdoor media helps brands connect with audiences. Flyers can also be a handy source while promoting business offline.
Offline media can create millions of impressions on a daily basis and influence buying decisions on the spur of the moment. They can reinforce marketing messages delivered by digital media and give users a tangible experience. Interactive digital kiosks and large billboards represent the two ends of a vast array of offline media designs that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of marketers and businesses.

Makes an impact

Offline media are a time-tested and economical marketing channel that can be used to build public awareness and increase footfall at events, product launches, and business establishments.

Boosts brand reach

Public transit points are frequented by millions of consumers on a daily basis. Offline media increases the rate of exposure to marketing messages, boosting sales and revenue.

Increased visibility

From consumer goods to entertainment, outdoor media drives consumer views and help brands earn a top-of-mind recall. This helps brands increase pre-sales engagement and qualify leads.

Boosts Conversions

Out-of-Home media are a preferred solution when it comes to spreading the word about new products and services. Brands can deliver targeted marketing messages through the outdoor channel and drive early conversions.



UX Drives Customer Engagement And Conversion

User experience design makes it easier for consumers to make decisions. We are a certified UI UX design agency with proven expertise in building scalable and customised user experiences.

What We Do

Grow Sales and Engagement with our UX Design services

Market research

Identifying unserved customer needs through a variety of field studies, surveys and data analytics, we help brands conceptualize, iterate and validate their product ideas in an effective way.


Concept development involves many design decisions based on market demand, product positioning etc. We help brands create personalised user experience ideas that lead to positive business outcomes.

Quality design

High-quality design appeals to practically everyone. Using the latest design thinking theories, we help brands evolve high-quality user experience design concepts for clients.

Brand integration

Ensuring a natural fit with the brand’s business objectives and corporate values is called brand integration. For UX to be seamless, its various design elements must blend together cohesively.


Your Brand Identity Design Expert

We help our clients win top-of-mind brand recall
At TIS, we understand the business importance of brand design. Having worked with global clients, our team is well versed with the aesthetic and functional aspects of brand identity design, giving our clients’ world-class solutions. As a leading brand design agency, we help brands tell their stories to the world in a personalized and engaging way. The result: engaged client relationships

What We Do

Grow Sales and Engagement with our UX Design services

Logo Design

The logo is one of the first things consumers notice. We give logos a distinctive personality, in terms of both aesthetics and brand messaging.

Corporate identity

We help brands understand the complex interplay between various aspects of corporate identity and choose the best fit for their needs.

Brand tagline and personality

We help brands answer a key question: ‘Why us?’. A tagline summarizes very briefly the USP of the brand. It evokes emotion and communicates value.

Brand and product naming

The right brand or product name attracts the most ideal customers in a subtle and instinctive manner. We play a key role in shaping brand perceptions.

Brand packaging

Branding must be fluid enough to meet the unique requirements of different marketing channels. We bring a sharp customer focus to a brand’s positioning.

Typography and Design

We leverage professional typography that works harmoniously with the overall design to make it suitable for today’s dynamic digital media environment.